My Data Science Journey

A Roadmap to becoming a Data Professional.

Journey Mission

Become a Data Professional by gaining all the key skillsets, completing several learning tracks, gaining certifications & building portfolio projects.

Started : 2023 Q4

Expected Timeline : 1 Year

Expected Completion : 2024 Q4

Pre-Inilialization Works

In this stage, I will 

Identify my strengths and weaknesses in data analysis. 

Initially, my key skills and expertise are in Community Management, Google Cloud Platform, IT Support, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Wordpress, Wix & Canva. These are the ones that I feel that I have done well in past years. I would like to transition myself into a Data Career. I am preparing to become a Data Analyst but I am open to learning related domains such as Data Engineer / Machine Learning Engineer. 

Define my motivations and career goals.

I want to be able to make data driven decisions and create visualizations, Dashboards, make predictions using data etc. I want to make use of large public datasets and get into the depth of them to fight interesting patterns and derive conclusions that can make a positive impact. Some of my motivations are mixed with roles of Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer & Business Intelligence Analyst but since I am on an entry level, I will learn key Data Analyst Skills while also learning alongside some of the mixed role skills. 

Research the data role and its requirements.

Strong proficiency in data analysis tools such as Excel, Python, or R. Data manipulation and cleaning skills. Statistical analysis and data visualization expertise. Knowledge of database management and SQL. Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities. Effective communication and teamwork. Company Domain-specific knowledge. Bachelor's degree in a related field (e.g., mathematics, statistics, computer science). This varies from role to role. 

Seek advice from a mentor or join online forums to discuss and gather insights from experienced data analysts. 

Always reaching out to new connections, industry experts, taking in new knowledge. 

Setting Goals

Goal : I will obtain a data science position in the IT industry within one year.

In preparation for this I will complete Specific Courses, Learning paths & Get certified. 

🟡Complete a minimum of 3 Data Science / BI/ Analyst  Professional Certificates on Coursera

🟡Finish my 1st Year of the IIT Madras 4 year online bachelors degree 

Complete a minimum of 2 Professional Certificates from Harvard on EdX Platform

Complete 1 Data Analyst Bootcamp from Datacamp

Finish a minimum of 100 LeetCode problems in Python, SQL, R Etc

Develop and host a minimum of 5 Data Analysis Projects on Streamlit, Github pages, Kaggle, Google Colab, Netlify or other platforms

🟡Get a minimum of 3 Globally Recognized Certification Credentials from providers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Tableau, Intel, Red Hat, etc.

Learning Essential Data & Workplace Skills

Some of the courses that I am doing now in Data Domain are listed here. Some of the courses in the bundle were started even before I started the Data Analyst Roadmap:-

✅Completed 🟡Attending Now ❌Upcoming 

Study & Pass Industry Recognized Exam Certifications.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals 

Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

Microsoft Certified: Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate

Intel® Certified Developer - MLOps Professional

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Tableau Desktop Specialist

Tableau Certified Data Analyst

Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate

 CompTIA Data Analytics Plus certification

TCS iON National Proficiency Test Data Analyst

Build a Data Analyst Project Portfolio


No Projects To Show. Will soon start publishing some

Apply & Interview for Data Analyst Jobs


Applied to some, Rejected from some, Ignored in some.

But will not be including a formal list here because it does not matter.