Becoming a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer

Roadmap followed as a part of Google Get Certified 2024 Program to learn and get certified as a Professional Data Engineer


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Phase 1

I applied for the program and got into Phase 1.

When the program kicked off, during phase 1, I was granted 7 days access to learning platforms and training exercises necessary to qualify for stage of the program.

This mainly included two 4 Hour Live Lecture session by Jellyfish, Google's Training Partner & 4 Pre-Selected Cloud Skill Boost Labs.

During Phase 1, Individuals who completed 3 out of 4 labs from Opening Week and let the Program Team know about it were invited to the next stage of the program.

Phase 2

On April 2, I received Email Confirmation that I can proceed to Phase 2 of the program. I will be following a 10-Week long Training Plan now