My Interests


This page will be containing Books / Audiobooks / Podcast that I have read / listened to in the past and the ones I have in my current digital library. This page may also include some in-depth research papers that I have read in my journey to understand things like free will, origin of life, computer history, religion, cultures and theism/atheism in general etc. I do not include all of them.

Disclaimer: I'm not great at reading hard copy books, so I mainly rely on Audiobooks, Digital Version of Books, Amazon Kindle, Librivox Audiobook etc.

Finished Reading / Listening

The God Equation

 By Dr Michio Kaku
Source : Google Play Audio Books

The Theory Of Everything : The Origin and Fate of the Universe

By Stephen William Hawking
Source : Google Play Audio Books


By Christopher Paolini

Source : Hard Copy Book

Omens and superstitions of southern India

By Edgar Thurston
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

In my Current Reading / Listening List

The millionaire fastlane

By MJ Demarco
Source: Amazon Kindle 

The phycology of money

 By Morgan housel
Source: Amazon Kindle 

Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists

By Ronald E. Walpole, Raymond H. Myers, Sharon L. Myers, Keying Ye

The 4 hour work week 

By Tomothy ferriss
Source: Amazon Kindle 

The Time Machine

By H G Wells
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

Atomic Habits

By James Clear
Source: Amazon Kindle 

In my Interesting Future Reading List 

The Origin of Species

By Charles Darwin
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

The Lost World

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

Relativity : The Special and General Theory

By Albert Einstein
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

The Fourth Dimension

By Charles Howard Hinton
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

The Magic Factory

By Morgan Rice
Source : Google Play Audio Books

Pattern Classification

By David G. Stork, Peter E. Hart, and Richard O. Duda
Source : Digital PDF

Sidelights of Relativity 

By Arbert Einstein
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

Mathematics for Machine Learning

By Marc Peter Deisenroth, A. Aldo Faisal, Cheng Soon Ong
Source : Digital PDF

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

By Chistopher M Bishop
Source : Digital PDF

Algorithm Design (1st Edition)

By Jon Kleinberg, Eva Tardos
Source : Digital PDF

Phychopathology of Everyday Life

By Sigmund Freud
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

Quantum Mechanics

By James Binney (Oxford University)
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

Marvels of Scientific Inventions

By Thomas W Corbin
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

Theoretical Physics : From Outer Space to Plasma Various

by Oxford University
Source : LibriVox Audio Books

"Free Will and Neuroscience," Philosophic Exchange: VOL 43 : No. 1 , Article 3.

By Alfred R. Mele
Source : Digital PDF

Quantum Supremacy

 By Dr Michio Kaku
Source : Yet To Decide

Special Mentions

Since majority of time spend by me is on Internet rather than Books, I should say there are way more sources from where I acquire knowledge.  Here are contents that do not fall into above mentioned categories but is used by me for acquiring knowledge. 

This includes Podcasts, Programmes, Shows etc that I tune into almost everyday.

Lex Fridman

Star Talks Radio

Talks at Google


MIT Open Course Ware

The Royal Institution

Since there are too many Channel Sources to be mentioned, I am only mentioning my Top Favourites.


Update : I stopped using Strava and I started using Samsung Health App. So, This section is not usually updated and Strava Activity is not recorded. 

My Rides

This road bike has been my companion, helping me beat my past cycling achievements and personal records.

I had this during a time when Gym & Cycling was my escape from some of my troubling times.

This was officially my first owned cycle. Countless kms covered in this but that was all old times.